Få klimaanlæg og varmepumpe Fyn

There are many advantages to having a heat pump, which also serves as air conditioners. First of all, it will save you a lot of space. When you do not have to have both air-conditioning and heat pump, do not use the space on it. Just therefore it is a very good solution.


In addition, there are also some money to be saved in the solution. You’re not going to buy two different plants, but can make do with one. Therefore, it is also a good solution.

At HWS tek you can easily get a heat pump Fyn, which can also be used for air conditioning. If you live on Fyn, it is a good solution to contact them. They have years of experience in the market. You can easily put a heat pump up.

Heat pump Fyn are good in cottages and country houses

A heat pump can be used both in urban and rural areas. However, they are particularly good in rural and cottage areas where there is fjenvarme hospitalized. It is therefore necessary to even find a heating solution. The heat pump is not affected by anything other than electricity and can therefore work in all types of houses.

The heat pump works by the fact that it converts the heat of the air to the hot air within. Even in winter there is no heat in the air. Therefore, there is both an outdoor unit and one indoor unit of the heat pump. The outdoor unit sucks air in. In the indoor unit, the heat is pulled out of the air and sent into space. An air to air heat pump can only heat up a room. Then the heat spread from there. Do you have a small cottage, you can therefore easily settle for a heat pump. Do you have a larger home, it may well be that you need more heat pumps.

When you use the heat pump as air conditioning, converts simply process. So take the warm air in and blows it out through the outdoor unit. Just like all other air conditioners.

Place the heat pump Fyn in the living room or kitchen

Because the heat pump only heats up a room, you would typically place it in the living room or kitchen. The room that we are staying most of it is to be heated up most. It works pretty much very logical. The same applies when you use the heat pump for air conditioning.

If you want to heat your house with a heat pump, it may be smart to have multiple heat pumps, if you have a big house. It makes the whole house is warmed up properly.

But be aware that the process of pulling air into well can only roar. If you are very sensitive to sound, it is not a good solution. Then you should find another solution in your bedroom anyway.

If you heats the house with electric heating now, you can get a great saving at least warm part of the house with a heat pump. You can, for example, warm room and kitchen with a heat pump and then use a radiator in the bedroom if you need some extra heat.